The Best Tip for Affiliate Marketing

The Best Tip for Affiliate Marketing

When we talk about affiliate marketing, many debates on what would be the best tip to give to people. I would say - promote and sell products that you believe in. That would be my best tip for affiliate marketing.

One of the mistakes beginners in affiliate marketing make is choosing to sell a product that they don’t know much about, don’t fully understand, and, obviously, don’t believe in. They may be making money, but they also may be creating a bad name for themselves. You need to know the product and fully stand behind the product to be successful with affiliate marketing. Why is that so, we will talk in this post.

Let’s start with the question – how can I know the quality of the product, the value of the information product contains, or how can I get familiarized with the product. It’s simple – try out the product.

The best thing to do is to promote and sell products that you already use and you are satisfied with them. If you are satisfied, most likely your customers will be satisfied too. For example, I promote hosting companies, keyword research software, auto responder platforms, etc. I use those services and software and I am satisfied with them, so I just suggest those services and products to my audience. I also write reports and analysis about them. I know exactly how useful those products are, so I know I will not create a bad image of myself for suggesting it to my audience.

If you are not in the situation that you can promote and sell products and services that you use, you need to actually test out or try the products or do some research on those which you want to promote. There are many ways to do that.

Let say, you want to promote an e-book. It is a good thing to do to read the e-book in question. Some merchants may give you the e-book to review for free or they may give you discount on e-book’s price.

If you are at the very beginning and don’t have enough financial resources at your disposal, you can start with research - reports and reviews of other people about the product or service in question. Reading customer reviews, both good and bad, may give you insight into the product or service you want to promote and sell. Even better, it may help you decide whether or not it is a product or service that you want to be associated with.

In another instance, if you want to get involved with affiliate program that promote only retailers, you will earn commission for all sales that your audience make, not just for a particular product. In this case, you should test that affiliate program, and place an order, small one, just to see what happens. With that small order, you will be able to evaluate that particular affiliate program and also that particular retailer that you want to promote and sell his/her products.

More details about this you can read in “Affiliate Marketing Strategies” guide, section “Choose the Best Affiliate Product for Your Website/Blog”.


Again, I want to point it out, the main reason why you should test out the product or service you want to promote is because if you don’t like it, there is a good chance that your audience or customers won’t like it as well.

In a way, you can look at it as providing a service to your audience or customers. By not putting poor quality products or services on promotion and sale, or by informing your audience about it (with a good facts and proves), you are helping them.

Your reputation is another reason why you shouldn’t do business with affiliate programs that sell poor quality products. Even though, you are only recommending the products and services of some producer, and directing your customers to the website where they can buy those, you are still part of the sale and you will be remembered as such. I don’t think that you want to be remembered as online entrepreneur who recommended a product or service that was of poor quality.

More details about this you can read in “Affiliate Marketing Strategies” guide, section “How to Choose Good Affiliate Program?”.


The other point I want to make, related to reputation, is declining in sales over time. Even if you make money with products or services that are not good as they should be, it will not last forever. Sooner or later sales will decrease and you will move to some other products or services. Here is the catch. As you know, customers talk.

If a customer was not satisfied with the product or service that they purchased, they will most likely say that to their family members, friends, etc. They even may write negative reviews and place it on some forum or social networks. In that review, besides product or service, affiliate name will be mentioned most likely. These negative reviews will not just cause others to avoid purchasing the product or service in question, but also might cause others to avoid affiliate’s website as well.

Besides, cheating is never an option. Sooner or later it will bring your business down and destroy your reputation irreparably.

We all have to think long-term, think about our future, in the business sense. One day you may create your own product(s) and sell it online, or you may start online retail store. So, you don’t need negative publicity. Keep your record clean. Money earned on poor quality products seems nice in starting days, but will not do any good for our reputation on a long run.


Summary - Best tip for affiliate marketing - promote and sell products or services that you believe in. If you don’t use them already, test and try out those products or services that you want to promote. If you are at the very beginning, without financial resources, do research, read reports and reviews of other people about the product or service in question.

Promoting affiliate products that you believe in will increase your sales and do great for your reputation and your business on a long run!

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