Squeeze Page and Split Testing

 Squeeze Page and Split Testing

Squeeze Page

Here I will talk about important things to consider when making squeeze page and split testing.

Squeeze Page is a one page website whose purpose is to collect email addresses in an ethical manner from visitors of your website.

So, the sole purpose of a squeeze page is getting a visitor to give you his/her email address. This process can be made a) for sending a free e-book, b) to join mailing list for future updates, c) to become a member, etc.

The mailing list is an essential part of building a business online, most likely the most important element of your online marketing success, and the well designed squeeze page is the best way for getting new prospects on your list.

Squeeze page shouldn’t contain anything else to distract visitor or to lead him/her to some other page. Do not include any links to other pages of your site, except the email submission confirmation button for opt-in form.

You can build a squeeze page using static HTML templates or using software tools like WordPress. The difference between those 2 methods is that if you use static HTML you need to have some elementary knowledge to create web page manually, but if you use (let say) WordPress tool you don’t need to be knowledgeable in HTML. You can edit your webpage with a few clicks of the mouse button and do it directly online.

There are four aspects on which you need to focus while constructing a squeeze page to improve convert rate -

  • The Headline
  • Opt-in Form
  • Submit Button
  • Text and Graphics

The Headline is a very important part of a squeeze page and it has to show directly what you are offering. The task of the headline is to communicate your message and to attract your visitors to leave their email address.

If you have a lead magnet, it has to be communicated in the headline. A lead magnet is a gift that you are giving away in return for their email address. Lead magnet could be e-book, written course, video course, free report, etc, or can also be a series of emails relevant to your niche market. Lead magnet is the crucial part.
Opt-In Form is a form where your visitors leave you their email address. This form you can create with many fields, but mostly used on squeeze pages are with one or two fields – Name and Email Address. My experience is that squeeze page has a better conversion rate when its Opt-In form contains only one field – Email Address. I am not listening to my experience, I use 2 fields, but there is a reason for that. If, in your line of work, you don’t really need to know their last name, date of birth, country they are from, name of person who refer them to your page, etc. then don’t ask that. The more information you ask them to provide, the more likely they’ll click away.

It's of crucial importance that your Opt-In form is visible without scrolling, either on your squeeze page or on your website. Make sure that you place it above the fold - the point where visitors have to scroll down to see content.
Submit Button on your Opt-In form should be customized. Do not leave it as default, as was given to you (mostly as “Submit”). Be creative and relate that button to your lead magnet. For example “Get Your Free e-book”, “Get Your Free Video Course”, etc.
Text and Graphics for your squeeze page should be presented in a manner to highlight your offering. Add in bullet points that emphasize, let say – a) key benefits of [your product], b) what they will learn with [your course], c) how they will solve their problem with [your e-book], etc.

Add some graphics or take a screenshot and place it on the page.
Use these four tips/suggestions and your squeeze page will do just fine in terms of conversion.

Be clear about what you are offering and inform prospects about the procedure and schedule when they can expect your delivery (what you promise them to send). It is also the right thing to do to inform them about the purpose of the first email that will be sent to them - confirmation of subscription (confirmation email). This information can be included in Thank You Page that you will set up to appear right after they submit an email address (in case of single opt-in), or after they confirm subscription by clicking on confirmation email (in case of double opt-in). I discuss this in section below - Email Subscriptions and Auto Responder Service Providers.

Squeeze Page and Split Testing is important to achieve better results, so please read on.

Thank You page

‘Thank You page’ is the page where visitors are taken after completing certain action. The main purpose of this page is to give ‘Thank You’ message to visitor in response to their action (sign-up confirmation, order completion, etc.).

As a ‘Thank You page’ have many purposes which I will discuss in another article, the main purpose is – it is the polite thing to do. The other important purpose is that it serves as an instrument to continue interaction with visitors.

In case of sign-up confirmation or order completion, your Thank You page will have download button either for free gift you are giving to subscriber (e-book, free report, etc.) or for products itself if it is a digital product you are selling.

Confirmation page

‘Confirmation page’ is the page where visitors are taken immediately after filling opt-in form. This page is used with double opt-in option. On this page you are informing your visitor that confirmation email has been sent to their inbox and that they need to confirm subscription. Also, what is good to mention on this page is your appeal to ‘whitelist’ or ‘safe-list’ your email address on their email provider so that your email address doesn’t end up coincidentally in spam or junk folder.

If you use single opt-in option, then you can take the subscriber directly to ‘Thank You’ page.

I discuss single and double opt-in options in section below - Email Subscriptions and Auto Responder Service Providers.

Squeeze Page and Split Testing - Squeeze Page Double-Opt-In Option

Squeeze Page and Split Testing - Squeeze Page Single-Opt-In Option

Split Testing

Split-testing is an important step for maximizing your results. In short, split testing is creating different variations of design of your squeeze page and putting it into test with real visitors to see which design converts better. In other words, it’s about testing two or more different design variations of your squeeze page to see which one is attracting more visitors that take action (subscribe, buy product, read articles, etc.).

To prepare and run those tests we need some tools to help us create those design variations (explained in ‘Squeeze Page” section) and tools to analyze results.

There are many tools you can use for split-testing. I will mention two of them. One is Google Website Optimizer, which is free to utilize, and another is Clicky Real-Time Web Analytic Tool, which is also free till 3000 page views per day.

It is recommended that you start testing at the beginning stage of your project to ensure that the best possible design is in use to attract more audience. After the first success wave, continual split testing is a natural option to maintain status of high converting page, a page that converts more visitors into subscribers.

Design variations you can make using WordPress and plug-ins as well as using any other tool you used to build your squeeze page.
There are three main page elements that need to be tested – a) Headline, b) Opt-In button, and c) Delivery Format of Your Lead Magnet.

Headline - Slight variation in wording can have a big impact on results

Opt-In button – Slight variation in wording, but also in color of words and button can also have a big impact on results

Delivery Format of Your Lead Magnet – The format in which your lead magnet will be delivered is also important (e-book, PDF, Video, etc). Depending on in which industry you are and what is your niche market, you should inquire in which format your audience wants it to be delivered. This element is important on a long run.

All those three elements are important and it might make a difference on how much subscribers or buyers you will get in your campaign.

I will write a lot more about squeeze page and split testing later on because is important to achieve better results,

Email Subscriptions and Auto Responder Service Providers

As we know, Opt-In form collects subscribers’ email addresses. Now we need an auto responder service provider to collect those addresses and to start sending emails. This is one of the main elements of online business.

There are many auto responder service providers on the market to choose from. With any of those service providers sign-up is easy, just a few clicks, but they all work differently and they all have their specific features.

I suggest, before signing up, that you decide on your strategy and that you already have prepared your follow-up email messages. You also have to decide on what option to use – single opt-in or double opt-in.

How it works? When a visitor to your squeeze or web page, leave you its email address, this address is automatically transferred to the auto responder service provider’s server, which sends immediately email to that address asking for confirmation of subscription (if you use double opt-in option). When confirmation is received you can start with your campaign regarding that subscriber.

There is always debate on what opt-in option to use – single opt-in or double-opt-in. In single opt-in option, visitor leave his/her email address and land immediately on your subscribers list – no confirmation necessary. With double opt-in option, visitor, after leaving his/her email address, receives Confirmation Email from you and is asked to confirm his/her subscription.

Of course it is easier to use single opt-in but this comes with certain problems. People might misuse the opt-in form and put somebody’s else email address in form, and when you start sending campaign emails to the wrong person, that is not at all interested in your content you might get reported as a spammer, which is not good for your business and your reputation.

I suggest you to use double opt-in option on your auto responder in order to ensure that every single subscriber on your list gave you permission to send them emails. This may look to you as an unnecessary feature, but this in fact ensures that all subscribers on your list are truly interested in content that you will send them, and, on the other hand, eliminate trouble for your business (it will prevent any spam issues and complaints).

Before all this happens, you will, after sign up, create your list(s) on auto responder service provider, upload your campaign emails and set dates and times (intervals and chronological order) of sending them. That setup you make will also be valid for all subscribers from that list that will come in future. That’s all you have to do, the rest is automated – works on autopilot. I personally send next email (after confirmation received from the subscriber) from my queue in 1-3 days during the campaign (depending on the campaign). In case of newsletter that would be 1 to 2 weeks.

As you start, you will do some testing before the real action, which is recommended. There are some service providers which offer first month free trial or free service below 500 or 1000 subscribers, which is good news, but the question is, when you start real campaigns, and when you sign up with another provider, how you are going to export your current subscriber list and will the other provider let you import your old list. Some auto responder services are not that eager to let importing of lists. I recommend that you carefully chose service provider and go from start with the same one. On my Resource page I listed few most recommended providers.

I will talk about this in more detail soon.


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