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On this page I listed all companies, services and tools that you need for your online business set-up, automation of processes, traffic generation, keyword research, security of your online income, etc. All companies listed below are highly recognized all over the world in their own business areas. I wouldn’t recommend them if they didn’t make my life easier and achievement of my online goals easier, and I thank them for that. I am today affiliated with many of them.

With those companies and services listed below, my partners, our clients and I have good experience and I can recommend them for your online business venture.

Domains and Hosting

All providers listed below are the best choices for the small to medium-sized business owners and bloggers. Their hosting plans support a wide variety of site purposes, including - blogs, business sites, online stores, complex database-driven sites, etc. They are all budged providers and they all have WordPress optimized service.

Besides the shared hosting option, they all offer VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and reseller hosting plans. Clients and partners from my firm use those providers, and I never heard complains.



This hosting company provides stable performance for shared hosting, have good 24/7 live chat support, quality technical support and also phone support. This is one of the biggest and safest hosting providers in the world. They offer unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth and also 3 websites hosted in their startup package. The startup package is below $10 for a whole year. They claim their Uptime is 99.9%. The company has been operating since 2001, and it hosts millions of websites today.

If you want to buy a domain name, this is the company to address. Prices are so low.



GreenGeeks provide high quality, affordable website hosting with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited web space, and unlimited domains on one account. Uptime service is 99.9%. Besides a lot of free software options and free marketing & SEO tools, they include free domain name for life of account. Their free website building tools are very easy to use. Customer service is fast and friendly and very accessible from different time zones. They are powered by renewable energy. I highly recommend them!

Email Marketing - Autoresponders

Autoresponders are the most effective features of email services. They are time efficient, ensuring that all of your customers are responded to at any time. Below I listed few most popular that my clients and me use.



This service provider is well recognized and very popular among the online entrepreneurs. Their interface is simple and easy to use. It gives you friendly environment where you can easily and quickly input your emails, create and schedule your campaigns and set them in motion. They have good customer support and a lot of tools available to users.

When you set up a series of follow-up messages and make a schedule for sending them, the system will follow your exact timing and delays between each email taking into account new subscribers and old ones. Your job is just to set up follow-up emails in the right order and with the right timing, and system takes over. They guarantee that 99% of emails will end up in the targeted inbox, which is a high delivery rate. Well, they are not unique in this, but it’s comforting to know.

They offer a trial period, so you can try them for free.



This is a simple email marketing auto responder service suitable for simple email campaigns. It offers a sample plans – trial plan and priced plans. I can say that this responder service is best suitable for informational newsletters, not for sales campaigns, because its list segmentation option is so limited.

This provider enables you to design newsletters with a customize view, check the preview of your emails how they will look delivered on more than 20 different email services, set up a subscriber list, simple segmentation list, and track analytics such as open rate, and bounce rate.

Keyword Research Tools

The tools listed below are the best choices out there for keyword research according to my partners, clients and me. You can use free trial version of the tool.



What makes SECockpit different - the build-in features that produce great amount of depth on search trends, traffic estimates and organic competition. This tool uses real competition data. With this tool you can get an in-depth overview of a keyword’s first page competition in Google, including competition matrix. When looking for keywords, this tool taps into more sources than other tools do, including Google Related Searches, Google Suggest and Google AdWords.

SECockpit have a lot of unique advanced features. It is designed for SEO professionals. If you are new to keyword research and SEO, you will be overwhelmed with features of this tool, but you will get a serious partner in keyword research.

They offer a trial period, so you can try them for free.



This tool is a different then other keyword research tools. Instead of just looking for a fresh list of keywords, you can use this tool to get all of your competitor’s keywords and you can get their SEO keywords which you can download instantly. So, with this tool you can get all PPC ads testing and organic keywords of all your competitors.

KeywordSpy is not just recommended for PPC campaigns and affiliates, but for everybody who wants to prosper in their own niche market. Here you get all data of your market to analyze.



This is a keyword suggestion tool. It is not a keyword research tool, but you can get useful keyword suggestions. It takes your seed word, adds a letter (or a digit) in front of it, and extracts suggestions for it. This tool can extract suggestions from either regular web search or from few other search sources. It can do searches in 40+ languages.

They start operating at the end of 2011 and they gain popularity pretty quickly. This tool is free to use.

Open Source CMS

Both of those Content Management Systems listed below are today’s top CMS and they both are 100% free to use.


WordPress is one of most popular content management systems. This system is easy to use and supports both – personal blogs and websites. With this system you can build even large websites thanks to the support of a lot of plug-ins for WP that are available.


Drupal is a powerful system, modular in design and also with a lot of plug-ins, but not that easy to master like other systems. If you are a beginner, looking for an easy solution to start, this system might not be for you. But if you want to take a more serious approach, then this system is for you.

Graphic Design Solutions


99 Designs

For those who want their website or blog to stand out regarding graphic design and logo, this company is a good place to address. They are based around design contests, which means you get a lot of design solutions to choose from. Graphic design here is accessible to all budgets.

When you submit a request for a design (website design concept, logo design, business card design, etc.) they make a contest and dozens of freelance graphic designers take a challenge and submit ideas and concepts for your request. Then you choose one that best fits your creative needs.



Replace Myself is an online company that provides virtual assistants from Philippines for Internet business owners. Those assistants can be hired on hourly, daily or monthly basis. I used their service few times - to find affiliate broker and to find good writers to help me complete my book. Both assistants did a great job – I got great chapters for my book and I also got few hundred super affiliates for my online business. They charged me just 2.1$ per hour.

The company engages knowledgeable, dedicated, hardworking, and talented group of people as virtual assistants to overworked online entrepreneurs. They also provide training for outsourcing for Internet business owners that teaches them how to search for the right virtual assistant that will work for them, how much they should pay them, how to pay them, what things to avoid, how to hire a qualified assistant, etc.

This is a good place to enjoy the benefits of outsourcing with an efficient, low cost Filipino virtual assistant.



I do get a commission if you sign-up with some of those services, but it doesn’t increase your purchase price, actually with those companies and services you will get a discount because you link from this site. Even if you don’t want to give me the commission I still recommend them. Use this Resource Page as your own.

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