How to Write a Product Review

How to Write a Product Review

Affiliate programs are programs that create partnerships between business owners and online entrepreneurs. This helps business owners to increase their sales, but they also help online entrepreneurs to generate extra income. If you are an affiliate, or you want to become one, I suggest that you write a product review of all products or services that you promote.

To earn money with affiliate programs, you need to be able to sell a product or services. Consumers are today very well aware of internet scams and they are not so eager to buy a product or service from somebody they know little about, and they are also suspicious when it comes to new products.

If you are established online entrepreneur, it is much easier for you to sell new products and services to your existing base of buyers, and it is much easier for you to convince prospects to buy a new product or service, because people most likely already heard about you.

If you are beginner in affiliate marketing, then you are in a much tougher situation. You need to put a lot more effort in promotion to convince prospects to buy a product or service.

There are many ways to convince prospects that product or service in question is of good quality and valuable, but here I will talk about two best ways to do that. Those are a) test the product, and b) write a product review.

The testing of the products is a great way to ensure that you are promoting a quality and valuable product. Besides that, you are having a chance to familiarize yourself with the product. You should do that prior to promotion and sale. The other step is to write a product review. In this post we will talk about that.

Most affiliates do not write a product reviews. They see that as a waste of time. Well, my experience says totally different story. Writing affiliate program product or service reviews are the best use of my time as an affiliate.

In short, product and service reviews give prospects an idea on what they are purchasing. Those reviews have to be written from a consumer point of view to be justified and useful, and it will give them insight into a product, including all useful data from any aspect. As they are written from a consumer point of view, the prospects will develop a closer relationship with you, and in a way, a sense of trust was initiated.

Besides, today, more and more consumers read product or service reviews before they make a decision to purchase it. I can bet that you read reviews dozens of times before you made the purchases.


Test the Product

In order to provide accurate information to your prospects and to ensure that your review is reliable, make sure to conduct as much research and testing as possible before you start writing.

During the research, review all documentation provided by the producer or service provider. Only in depth knowledge of the product or service will enable you to write a reliable review.

Beware of publicity material released by producer or marketers. Readers can easily recognize the publicity material and will quit reading. They are looking for real-life experience and observations of people with product or service in question.

The best option is that you already use the product yourself. This way you already have in depth knowledge of the product or service, and you know exactly what the pros and cons are.


Write a Product Review

When writing a product or service review, as I stated earlier, write it from a consumer point of view. Using this approach, you will make sure that the review is actually useful to those who read them – consumers. Things that you should include in a review:

- An overview of the product or service,
- Technical characteristics,
- Product features,
- The main benefits,
- Pros and cons,
- Price and benefits of buying it,
- Guarantee period,
- Delivery time, and
- Technical support

The pros and cons section is a feature of every good review. No matter how good the product or service looks at first, there are always some cons. Your job, as the reviewer, is to bring them up and present them.

Just think from your perspective and all will come to you. If you want to know more about some product or service, and you are doing your research on the internet, what you would like to read about the product or service in question?

When it comes to the format in which you will present your review, it’s up to you, just don’t forget to include following:

- Product description (from above)
- Image and Video (if available)
- Users’ experiences (if available)

After you finish writing your review, it is time to display it. You can display your review on many platforms, but first place where to display it is on your website or blog. Also, you should consider displaying it on social media networks, forums, top article directories, etc. Also, you can include your review in the newsletter as a part of the promotion campaign. Once your product review is in circulation, results will follow.


What is the purpose of a review?

It is important to say, do not mistake reviews for sales or promotional messages. With review, you are assessing the product or service and presenting your findings to people. In review, you are not promoting the product and you do not call them on action. Just present the facts.

A review is not meant to be a tool of direct sale. The purpose of a review is to present the product or a service in an unbiased way, so that readers can get a clear view and inform themselves. So, let’s see why people read product reviews. I know that you will find yourself in points listed below. The most common reasons, stated by many survey companies, why people read product or service reviews are to find out:

- The overall product features,
- The main benefits to them,
- The pros and cons,
- Support after the sale,
- Other people’s experience with product, and
- If the price is acceptable and benefits of the product are worth buying


Summary – First of all, you are advised to take a consumer point of view when you write a product review. Writing those reviews create a positive perception of you, your entrepreneurial venture, and the affiliate products or services that you are promoting in the eyes of your prospects.

However, either you are already a member of an affiliate program or you are planning to join one, writing product and service reviews will help you in your promotion and sales effort.

Always write a review of the product or a service in an unbiased way. That will strengthen your position as an honest source of information.


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