How to Use E-books for Promotion and Marketing

Use E-books for Promotion and Marketing

Use e-books for promotion and marketing. There are many ways to use your e-book to promote your business and market your products and services. As mentioned in an earlier post, investigate what your market segment (niche) need, discover what the specific goals and problems they have and figure out how to solve those issues. Then incorporate your valuable knowledge and information into your e-book. Either put that in new e-book, or update your existing e-book.

Beside other benefits, this will do great for your reputation, your brand and it will elevate the value of your business.

Furthermore, e-books can be broken down into a few different promotional materials. You can present your e-book in audio or video format, or you can make few special reports and make them available on your website/blog. You can put those special reports also on article directories to be visible to a wider audience. See “Effective Article Marketing” section.

Once posted on your website/blog, you can also use e-book as a free gift a) for opt-in to your email list, b) for making a purchase, c) for filling out a survey, etc.

A) Usual practice in online marketing is that you give a free e-book or a free special report to your website/blog visitors when they sign up for your newsletter or a free email course. Some argue about the positivity of that in relationship building terms, but I don’t. This is still good practice.

B) When people buy something online they expect some free gift or bonus. This is also usual practice in online marketing. So, no matter if you are selling digital or physical product, you make sure that they get that. In this case, it will be free e-book.

C) You need some medium to find out about your market segment potential, customers’ habits, behavior and motivators, and you need to gather marketing information. Ask your audience to fill the survey and give them e-book for free. Anyway, it is good to include survey at the end of your e-book and ask your readers about their opinions and other problems they want to solve. This will open up communication with them, and build relationships.

If you have a digital product, include an invitation with direct link in your e-book so that readers can download a trial version. If you sell physical products, include a discount coupon in your e-book. All those things increase the value of your e-book and, at the same time, promote and market your products.

In this way, you created a great promotional tool and cut cost and necessity for other promotional means. E-book will bring you new prospects for all products, as well as existing customers for new products. E-book is very flexible promotional medium.

Make sure that you keep your e-book up to date. Update it frequently as new information comes in, and techniques and technologies evolve in your niche. Follow market and industry trends, and report it. Add tips and advices that will help your readers in their everyday work, and you will see how good response you will have. And that is not just for now, you will benefit from it in years to come.

Put your e-book on a disc, and you will have an offline mean to distribute it.

NOTE – E-books are the powerful tool for promotion and marketing of your products and services. So, use e-books for promotion and marketing.


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