How to Make Your E-Book User Friendly

Make Your E-Book User Friendly

Make your e-book user friendly. When you write e-book, make sure that your writing is engaging, not boring. Here I am not talking just about text, but also other things that make e-book interesting and engaging. Use photos, graphs, testimonials and anecdotes to keep your readers interested, and make them turn the page.

Break up the density of the page with highlighted tips or quotes in separate windows. Make the background color of those windows in a different color than the page, and use bigger font size, and/or different font than the page dominant font.

It is also good to use sidebars for quick/brief information. In e-books, if sidebars are used, it is mostly used just one sidebar - left or right sidebar (not both of them).


When you write a text, write it casual and in a direct way like you are addressing the reader directly. Don’t write in the formal tone like textbooks are made, because we all respond better to conversational tone and feeling that the writer is talking directly to us.

We learned in English classes in school that the sentences have to be long and contain all the elements. Also they teach us that paragraphs have to be long too, and contain a full explanation of the subject. Well, in online business that is not the case anymore. Websites/blogs and e-books are written in a different way.

When we are talking about websites/blogs and e-books, length and structure of your sentences should be broken up so you don’t put your readers into sleep. Long sentences and the sentences with same length and structure intend to bore readers, which result in lost of interest.

Of course, good writing takes practice. The more you write, the better your writing will become. Don’t worry, in time your writing skills will become better and better.

When I am starting to write e-book, I first make a schedule. Then I put on paper all that will be included in e-book. Then I break all that into chapters and assign themes to each chapter. Try to write at least one page per day.

In most cases, e-books are read on the screen. Not so much people first print e-book on paper and then read it. So, you have to think about readers’ eyes. If the background is too bright white, then reader’s eyes will get tired fast.

Also, in a case that your text is too dense, reader’s eyes will also get tired. Break the text into smaller paragraphs, use blank spaces between them, use fonts in bigger sizes, insert pictures and graphs, etc. Again, if text is too condensed and the whole page is without resting places for eyes, reader’s eyes get tired very fast.

Find a font that is easy for the eyes. At the same time, text should be large enough to be read easily on the screen, but small enough so that the whole page fit on a computer screen. I suggest that you don’t use more than 2 different font families. If you use many different font families, it will have a negative impact on reader’s focus and concentration. Experiment with this to find the right combination.

To make your information easy to absorb and understand use lists, both bulleted and numbered. In this way the information is more viewable and also gives a rest to the reader’s eyes. Besides, lists are easier to remember than plain text.

After all e-book text done, don't forget to run a spell check and grammar check. This is very important for both, your website/blog and your e-book. Today websites are checked and judged by search engines for their language correctness. Also, your e-book will be judged by readers in the same way. Don’t let your great work to be misjudged because of some small errors in spelling, grammar or punctuation.

NOTE - When you are designing the layout of every page, make sure that is made in an easy-to-read manner with enough resting places for the reader’s eyes.

When all are finished - text, pictures, graphs, design, layout, spell check and grammar check done, pack your e-book in PDF format and publish it online.

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