How Important E-Books Are

How Important E-Books Are

Ever since the beginning of the Internet, e-publishing become a new medium for sharing information. It started with technical manuals, software manuals, reports, and expanded to e-books of all sorts. Electronic publishing becomes so popular very quickly and electronic books were accepted as a new medium.

With improvements related to computer hardware and software, and new technologies around the Internet, everybody got a chance to enter the marketplace, even from their own home. People grab this opportunity and started small businesses. Over the years, many of them become millionaires, even billionaires.

Self-published e-book is a good way to start an online business. Every day, more and more people are accessing the Internet. This gives you a chance for promotion and sale of your e-book.

What makes e-books so important and unique -

• E-books are easy to produce with little or no cost. All you need is a good concept, understanding what your audience (from your market niche) needs and the time to transfer your knowledge into a book.

You can easily edit, design and publish your e-book at home. You don’t need a printing shop for that, all you need is the right software.

• E-books are easy to update and distribute online. For an update, all you need is to edit your original text and graphics, add new chapters, and publish it.

The software you need: a) text processor for text editing, b) graphic editor for photographs, c) graphic editor for technical drawings, and d) Adobe Acrobat to publish your e-book in PDF format.

• E-books are easy to store and they are immediately obtainable. If you are distributing your e-book from your website/blog, you can easily upload it in a safe directory on your hosting, and buyer/user can easily download it on his/her computer.

• E-books are interactive. You can add links into e-book that will lead readers to your website/blog, to relevant posts, videos, podcasts, surveys, sales pages, etc. to expand the content of your e-book and to start communication and interaction with your audience. This is a unique quality of every e-book, and it works best for both, you and your reader.

• E-books are easy to handle and access. You can read e-book on your desktop computer, laptop or mobile phone while you traveling. You can also print out e-book. I print all important e-books on paper. Books in print have their own special qualities for me.

• The other advantages of e-books are the possibility to test your market segment potential, customers’ habits, behavior and motivators, and ability to gather marketing information without spending any extra money. Those gathered marketing information you can use in many other aspects of your business.


Summary - Evaluate what your market segment (niche) need and want, make a concept, write a quality text, enriches it with quality self-explanatory graphics and pack it in e-book. Post your e-book on your website/blog.

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