Few Tips on Creating Your Own Digital Product

Create Your Own Digital Product

There are millions of different things, different niches that somebody can exploit and create, but still most people are only promoting affiliate programs. I don't have anything against being an affiliate, but if that is all you are doing, then you are not using all your capabilities. If you create your own product, you can start your own affiliate program.

Choosing a niche is not an easy task to do, but when you find one close to your interest and skills, it can be very rewarding. No matter what experience you have in online marketing, you can create a profitable niche product in your own expertise area and sell it on the web. Here I will walk you through how to create your own product and market it.

Throughout this text I am referring to digital niche products - e-book and course mainly. I will explain how to create a digital product and how to sell it on the net. I have sold both digital and physical products on the web, but digital product has so many advantages over physical product, and no disadvantages. What I mean by digital niche product is that it can be downloaded from the internet, but physical product must be mailed out for each order.

In this text, I write about things that I have done. I wrote this article because I constantly receive emails on what is the best and quickest way to make money online. I have to say that there is NO overnight way to instant success. It doesn't exist. It is true that producing and selling on net your own product brings substantial income, but it also involves a lot of effort to produce it and to organize sales using software tools and services to get there. This investment of time, knowledge and effort is essential to start, but after you launch the product you will profit from it. You done your job and now into months and years to come you will still profit from it. Consider that as a passive income. In short, you put your effort to produce the product in start and benefit from it in the future.


Product Idea Testing

When you have chosen a niche market, you have to find out what people in that niche want and what is of most interest to them. While researching that, keep in mind where your expertise can fit in. Always remember that whatever you do is to help and assist people in your niche. Give the best of yourself. Your knowledge will provide quality to others and certain amount of uniqueness if you have many competitors there. People will always remember your uniqueness and your input and will respect you for that.

Firstly, screen your competition and after the screening it is time to screen your targeted niche market to see what is that they are looking for and where your expertise can help them to solve their problems. With this research you will get information that will help you shape up and improve your product.

Create a list of product ideas that you consider relevant, regardless if its e-book or service or something else. Make an initial list, which you will narrow down later during research when you receive feedback.

Ask as many people as you can and observe their reactions, comments and suggestions regarding your product characteristics. During this process, you will see what ideas are good and what are bad so you will narrow down your initial list of ideas and end up with just few accepted ideas from your audience. Those left on the list are those on which you will focus to create a product.

If you do not find out what people want, and create a product on a hunch, you could end up with a product that will have weak sales and that would be a waste of time for you. Well the truth is that every product has his buyer, but you are interested in more sales so this is a pretty important step.


Creating Written Documents

This is probably the most popular way to go, but not necessarily the best for everybody. This would consist of an e-book, online course, special report, or whatever else that you will write and package into a product.

My first suggestion is not to write a book, better write a course. A book has nowhere near the value that a course does. A step-by-step course is the best option if you are choosing this path. If you can show the customer that you can solve their problem in an easy step-by-step way, then you will have a very good chance with your product.


Picking Your Topic

If you already know what to write about then just skip this paragraph. If you are not knowledgeable in a certain area, just ask yourself a simple question - what I know that others will benefit from? And what you have to do is to take the idea that you come up with, and turn it into as many product ideas as you possibly can. Rearrange it into every variation that you can think of. This isn't hard to do, just write down your ideas, whatever they may be.

If you are not much into writing, ask a friend of family member to help you with it, or ask anyone else to do the writing for you and skip to the next section. If you have topics and draft for your product and you don’t know where to start and how to do it you always can do outsourcing. Hire other people to do that for you. On my Resource page you can find the company that can find knowledgeable virtual assistant for you for a low price.


Writing Style

When writing a course, e-book, report, etc. it is desirable to take the direct approach at the person who is reading it.

If you have ever read a book on how to write ad copy, use these techniques when writing your info product. Be direct, use short sentences, use familiar words, use sub-headlines to break up long articles, etc. You want to keep your reader’s attention.

Don't ramble. Try to stay on the subject. There are people that get irritated when they think they are about to read something under the headline of the article, and it goes into another subject that is way off topic.


Writing Process

You will not be able to write a whole document in just few days no matter how small that document is estimated to be and no matter how fast you type. Even if you do finish it in a few days, then you will have left out a lot of stuff that you have on your mind, but couldn't access it during that short writing period. This is basically just how it works.

Your brain only remembers certain things at certain times. When you spread out your writing over the course of a week or two, then your brain will access different parts of your memory, which will help you create a more detailed version. What I do is that I write as much as I can in one day, then the next day I will re-read it and start writing more. When I re-read it, it will trigger more ideas about what I have just read.

I also tend to just write the shell of my product all at once, then go back and add more detail to it. Write down all of the chapters of your course or e-book, then go through and write the first 1 or 2 paragraphs to starting articles of each chapter. Then when you finish the shell, go back and add more detail to each chapter. I wrote about this process in other posts.


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