Email List Building Using Opt-In Form

Email List Building Using Opt-In Form


The most basic reason to collect email addresses and build an email list is to get an audience, maximize revenue and improve the customer base. By building your email list you are building your new marketing channel. The process takes time, but it is worth an effort.

As a list is built over time, as time passes the list will grow bigger and bigger. The size of the list is important because the larger the list the more chance you have to generate more revenue. But the quality of your leads is also important. Maybe even more important than quantity of names on it, because quality leads are those who buy your products or services and bring profit to you.

The email list should grow over time as your business grows. That way you have the opportunity to build high-quality, highly responsive email list. That list will contain a high percentage of leads that are interested in interacting with you.

If you buy email list (which is not a good thing to do) you will have a large amount of email addresses and quite a few leads. So, the campaign you do will most likely just damage your reputation.

The first place where you will collect email subscribers interested in what you doing is, naturally, your website/blog. If people are visiting your website, they are obviously interested to interact with you. So, every visitor to your website is potential email subscriber and potential quality lead.


Opt-In Form

Every page on your website should contain an opt-in form to allow visitors to sign-up and join your email list. Keep your opt-in form above the fold line (the line below which visitor can’t see the content unless uses a scroll).

While adding opt-in form to your pages, decide which option is more suitable for your goals – single opt-in form option or double opt-in form option. In single opt-in form option subscriber doesn’t need to confirm his or her subscription. The email address is instantly added to email list. With double opt-in form option subscriber does have to confirm that email address belong to him or her and that they willingly join your email list. This is done through confirmation email. Please visit “Squeeze Page and Split Testing” for more information.

There are advantages and disadvantages of both opt-in form options. Either option you chose to use, don’t forget to inform your subscribers about your privacy policy and your commitment to keep their information confidential. You can do it with opt-in form or in the confirmation email.

From opt-in form subscribers’ data goes to auto responder where your list is formed and where your email campaign is set on autopilot. The auto responder is software provided to you by mailing service companies. Please visit Resource Page for auto responder platforms I use.

When subscribers join your email list and confirm, they will start receiving emails on a regular basis (as set in your campaign). Some subscribers will not expect that, so to avoid subscribers’ frustrations provide them with information about:

a) How many emails you will send, and
b) How often you will send emails to them.

Providing that, you will set subscribers’ expectations. The frequency of sending is determined by your campaign strategy.


Make Your 'Opt-In Form' List Building Efforts Worthwhile

Here I am going to talk about 3 of the most powerful methods to build your organic email list with Opt-In Form. Those 3 methods doesn't cost almost nothing to produce, but they are highly targeted and they increase your credibility. So, let’s move on to what these 3 methods are and how you will benefit from them in your email list building efforts.


#1 Write a 'Special Report(s)'

Special reports are a great lead magnet for people to sign up to your email list through opt-in form. When you create a special report go into depth about the topic that your audience is most interested in, or go into depth about the products/services’ features that you sell and explain all the benefits to users. Even if you are affiliated to some producer or merchant, use this method for list building.

Besides list building, special reports will build trust among audience and increase your reputation as an expert or knowledgeable person in your market niche.

Give special reports for free when people sign up through opt-in form. You can also make your special reports ‘brandable’ so that people who get your free report can forward it to others. This way you widen your audience with no effort.

When you make your special report ‘brandable’ your links and contact information will always be inside special report, so, as your report is being passed around the internet, it will always lead people back to your website/blog where they could sign-up on your opt-in form, read more about your products and/or services, or even make purchases.


#2 Offer Free E-book

Offering a free e-book for sign-up through opt-in form is another list building method, and brings the same benefits as a special report. The difference is that e-books are larger than special reports and they can include many products and/or services.

In e-book, besides targeting many products and/or services, you can include references page to guide people –

- To useful content that will help them understand and solve their problems,
- To your other affiliate products and/or services,
- To free software and tools that will help them,
- To other useful resources for your market niche.

Reference page is recommended to be placed at the end of e-book.

If you have some history in writing posts, you can assemble your e-book using those posts that are related to one topic. Just remember, when you are putting together e-book, make sure it contains quality information inside.


#3 Offer Email Courses

You can also offer email courses to people that sign-up through opt-in form. Just pick up one topic that interest your audience the most and write course. Divide it into sections or chapters, each of which will fit one email. Place the email on auto-responder, assign the sequence of sending and you are done.

Marketers that use this method differ in terms of number of emails per course and sequence of sending them. They divide the course into 7 to 30 emails, and send them from every day to one in every 3 days. Some are sending one email per week.

Email courses are proven to be effective method of list building. Besides, they build trust and increase reputation.



For more information on email list building and email list maintenance, you can visit “Email List Building” and “Email List Maintenance Methods” guides.

For more information on e-books, please visit:



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