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In this post, we will talk about effective article marketing that works for you. Article marketing is an advertising method where people and companies, write and distribute short articles. They place them in various article directories and forums (see “Generating Traffic”, section Article Marketing for the list of some highly ranked directories). Its main purpose is to acquire an audience for their websites/blogs.

Those articles are called anchor text and they are between 300 and 500 words long, within which are strategically placed keywords that relate directly to the content of the web page on their site/blog where they want the audience to land after reading anchor article.

This is still one of the most successful types of online marketing strategy that helps bloggers and marketers to acquire a new audience/visitors to their website and, of course, increase sales. If you run a long-term business (which you should), those articles, placed on sites of well known and well established article directories, will stay there like forever, so visitors, in years to come, will still visit your web page.

The efforts you make today with article marketing, will serve you well in years to come. Look at this as an instrument for passive income. Besides, effective article marketing is also one of the least costly ways to market your products.

Eeffective Article Marketing

Effective article marketing can definitely improve your blog/website rating and ranking in a number of ways -

• Acquire new targeted audience/visitors – long term
• Assist in building awareness, trust and reputation
• Improve organic search results (search engines)
• Improve visibility for your target keywords and keyword phrases (long tail)
• Provide more incoming links to your site/blog
• Increase targeted traffic from related sites

This is all under the assumption that your articles are unique and quality. It’s important to have high quality, unique content, both on your blog/website and articles that you use as anchor. Useful articles help convey your expertise and make your web pages more unique.

Note – If you don’t have original articles on your blog or website, search engines will not rank you, and if you try to place an unoriginal article to an article directory, they will reject you. This is just about uniqueness, the quality is another thing.

About quality, if you are writing low quality articles and submit them to article directories, it will do almost nothing for you. You need quality written articles, so the people that read it want to visit your site/blog.

If you are counting on “link juice” from article directories to come your way, or let say links from high PR (Page Rank) pages to your site/blog, you better don’t, because, after Google’s Panda most of article submission sites do not pass much of so called “link juice”. So, let’s be serious, in this case, you will not get any ranking from search engines and you will not get any traffic. You will only get traffic from readers of your quality article, wherever that article was placed.

Note - Effective article marketing is not about submitting your articles to article directories, it is about writing quality articles that are useful and interesting to your market niche (market segment). Either you place it on your own website/blog or you place it on article directory, or you published it on other related websites.


Where to start

Start writing useful articles for your own blog or website. Write articles that will be helpful to your website/blog visitors. I don’t need to tell you to do your best, but I will tell you to relate topics or subjects and make them accessible and visible to visitors throughout your blog or website.

Also, it is important to mention, when you write for your own blog or website, try to put some useful illustrations, podcasts and videos if you can.

Make it easy for your visitors to get back to the location on your website they were located at the moment when they clicked to read the article (make site navigation easy). Either make a redirection back, or open that article in new tab. When your anchor article is on article directory, make sure to link to your site’s page that is relevant to the article.

Keep all pages on your site, related to the same topic, with the same page template. It will be easy to remember and visitors will get easily familiar with that navigation.

If you have a website and a blog related to that website, I suggest that your blog is a part of your main website, not a separate blog website. Also, I suggest that the blog has the same or a similar page template too.

When we are talking about articles that you place on article directories, place the link to your page on your site at the bottom of the article. If the article directory allows you to place 2 links, then do one of those links within the text (embed the link into the text, don’t make it naked).

When we are talking about articles on your website, also embed the links into the text and connect related pages of your website. Don’t let any page to “hang in air” (see “Link Building”, section Internal Linking).

Now, let’s go briefly to social networks. Add social sharing buttons to every page on your site, so that every article will be covered. Some people will share them or link to them, which will help improve rankings and get more people to read them and learn what you have to say or offer.

Also, announce each of your articles through your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.), and other communication means that you have with your audience (like newsletters, e-zines, etc.) that you use. See section “Building Your Audience with Social Networks” for more insight.

Quality articles are the content of your website or blog that search engines will index, as we talked before. As you build up your article base and social media sharing, you will attract more incoming links to your articles, which means more targeted traffic and increased rankings.


When You Write an Article

For article marketing to be an effective article marketing, besides quality, you need tactics. Before you start writing an article, put the concept on the table, write the important points that you will be talking about and do some research. What I mean by research, I mean keyword research.

Use keyword research tools to search for keywords and keyword phrases related to your market niche that people are searching for. You will use those keywords, yet better long tail keywords, in your article. By those keywords people will find your article either on your site or in the article directory. That’s why is better to use long tail keywords (phrases).

Using a keyword research tool, you will know a lot more about inquiries of your targeted audience and you should never be in lack of ideas for useful articles. You can write articles that address some of these searches and relate it to your site (include links to relevant pages on your site).

In this manner, not only that you will be helping to make your website/blog more useful to your audience, but also these articles will probably be shown in search engines’ results for people who are searching for those keyword phrases. This means more traffic to your site.

All about keyword categories, keyword research process and tools you can find on “Keyword Research” page.

Note - When you look for article ideas, what to write to your audience, look first to your FAQ’s and write articles that answers some of those questions.

Tip - It is also a good idea to go to an online store like Amazon and search for books from your market niche. Look for books that sell the best and look into their chapters. The titles of some key chapters are the keyword phrases that sell that book. What a great tip? It’s true. Go for it!


Writing Issues

If you are not fan of writing, or you don’t have time for that, you can always do outsourcing. Articles has to be written, so here are some suggestions -

Effective Article Marketing - Outsourcing

Hire Writers - You can hire writers who specialize in topics of your interest to produce useful articles. I use online company that provides virtual assistants for Internet business owners. I don’t use them for writing, I use them to seek super affiliates for my products, but they have also good writers too. Those assistants can be hired on hourly, daily or monthly basis (visit Resource Page, that company is listed there).

Hire Ghost Writers - All text on this site I wrote myself, but if you are too busy you can also hire a freelance writer who specializes in your niche/field/topic. If you work with them, work closely with them, outline your thoughts, put plans and schedule on the table, let them do research for you if needed, and most importantly oversee the development of the article (s). What is also so important, make sure that the article is accurate and reflects your knowledge and opinions. If you go this way, be honest and include the writer’s name as the author.

Use Guest Writers – Some of my customers asked me to write articles about the product they bought from me so that I put it on the site. Those are not testimonials, those articles are experience of a customer. Of course, they are more than welcome. But also some of the regular visitors to my sites asked me to write articles for my site they visit. This is also welcome gesture. Sometimes those relationships grow up to be joint venture partnerships.

Use Your Affiliates – If you have affiliates for your product or service, ask them to write for you. Anyway, most of the articles and videos regarding the product were developed by marketing people. You are all in the same business, so help each other.


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