4 Things Affiliates Need To Survive Online

4 Things Affiliates Need To Survive Online


Affiliate marketing is full of opportunities if you know what you are doing. Every affiliate marketer is trying to find most profitable niches and most wanted products, so that they profit more. What newcomers think is that they have a magic button that will make a fortune for them overnight. Well, magic button doesn’t exist. Nobody, ever got rich overnight, it is more complicated than that. Every marketing practice needs time to master and it requests hard work and dedication.

There are many techniques and methods that work well for online affiliate marketing. In this post I will talk about 4 marketing tips that will help you survive in the affiliate marketing arena, and also will help you to increase sales. Let’s see those 4 marketing tips.


4 Things Affiliates Need To Survive Online - WebPages1. Use Separate Web Page for Each Product You Promote

When you are promoting products or services on your website/blog, use separate web pages for each unrelated product or service, with unique promotional content. Don’t put them all together on one web page. Of course, groups of products that go as a pack should be presented on one web page.

It is advisable to include product or service review on that page so that visitors can get an initial understanding on what the product or service can do. Also include testimonials from users (your customers) if you can get them. Try to get their photos and their brief introductory information with testimonials. Don’t forget their permission to post that information on your website/blog.

That page, we can call sales page. Now, let’s talk about page that will lead visitors to the sales page. Create a new web page as a post and write an article that highlights all characteristics and uses of the product or service. Don’t make this article too technical like the review, but make it attractive and compelling and include calls to action.

Make sure that your headline attracts readers and make them read more. The headline should provide information about article content as precise as possible. Never make misleading headlines. When readers realize they been tricked, they will leave the page, and there goes your reputation and chance to make a sale.


4 Things Affiliates Need To Survive Online - Free Report2. Offer Free Reports To Your Audience

Create report related to the products and services you are promoting and offer it for free when people want to subscribe to your mailing list. Use these reports as a free gift. A free report will bring you more subscribers than usual. Place free report cover photo in opt-in form, so that people can see it.

Opt-in form should be placed in left or right sidebar before screen fold line, so that simply cannot be missed. Fold line is an imaginary line on the bottom of the screen below which visitor can’t see the content without scrolling. Opt-in form should be on a very visible place, where visitors can see it without scrolling. To see an example, just look at the right sidebar (top) on this website.

The free report is an e-book, so please visit “How to Use E-books for Promotion and Marketing” and “How to Prepare E-Book for Business Promotion” posts for more information.

Don’t forget to create a series of emails that promote your product or service and place them on auto-responder, on autopilot. Use a time sequence of sending as you think appropriate for your audience. Please visit “Squeeze Page and Split Testing” for more about opt-in methods and procedures and auto-responder services.

All about email list building you can find in “Email List Building” guide.


4 Things Affiliates Need To Survive Online - Newsletter3. Create Newsletter for Your Audience

If you would like to increase the amount of traffic that your website gets, you should think about introducing a newsletter to your audience. They are a great way to increase website traffic. The main use of a newsletter is to update and inform customers and prospects about news in their market segment (niche) of interest, tips, and new developments in your business. It is a medium of regular communication with your audience.

Start newsletter, on weekly or bi-weekly basis and stay in touch with your audience. Inform them about what's new in their field of interest and what's new in your business.

As stated, the newsletter is an important tool to maintain contact with your audience. Once your visitor leaves your sales page or article page related to that sales page, he or she, most likely, will never return to the same page. So, newsletter with useful information, sent to them at certain intervals, will remind them on the product or service.

Don’t make the newsletter look like sales page. You can include call to action, but be moderate. Please visit “Affiliate Marketing Strategies” guide, “Importance of Newsletter” and “7 Things to Include in Newsletter” articles.

In “Email List Maintenance Methods” guide – section "Main Methods of Email List Maintenance" – I talked about newsletter and e-zine (electronic magazine).


4 Things Affiliates Need To Survive Online - Targeted Traffic4. Get Targeted Traffic

To succeed in sales you need visitors that are interested in products and services that you promote. So, you need targeted traffic, not just any traffic. Many new affiliate marketers confuse targeted (quality) traffic with non targeted traffic, and after while they ask themselves why they don’t have any sale.

The reason is that people who visited their website are not interested in the products or services that they promote. They were collecting traffic on the wrong places.

You need to look for traffic in places where your targeted audience gathers. Whatever technique you use to advertise and promote, go to forums, social network groups, portals and online communities what your targeted audience visit and advertise and promote there. Then you will get a chance to collect quality traffic and achieve sales.


4 Things Affiliates Need To Survive Online - SummarySummary

The methods mentioned in this post are not difficult to achieve. All you need is some time for research, planning your activities and producing the content and promotion material.

Use these methods in your affiliate marketing and you will survive in the arena. All depends on your abilities, patience, determination and the quality of your products and/or services. With all those factors put in place, you can make yourself good source of income.

For more information on affiliate marketing, you can visit “Affiliate Marketing Strategies” guide.


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7 Most Common Affiliate Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

7 Most Common Affiliate Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Brief Introduction

One of the most effective ways of earning money online is affiliate marketing, especially if you don’t have your own product. Affiliate programs are relatively easy to join, and with them, everybody has a chance to make a profit over the Internet, so more and more people are entering into this arena. But, you should be aware of affiliate mistakes.

In this post we will talk about common mistakes that affiliates make, but first, just let me make a little introduction in affiliate marketing and its programs for beginners. I will be brief about it here, because you can read about it in detail in the guide “Affiliate Marketing Strategies“. If you are experienced affiliate, please skip this introduction paragraph.

Affiliate marketing is the form of marketing where you refer potential buyers (prospects) to the product or service that belongs to somebody else and when that ‘potential buyer’ or company buys the product or service, you get a commission on sales based on prior arrangement with the producer or merchant of the product or service for your recommendation.

Please make a distinction between the producer’s own, in house affiliate program, and affiliate program network (platform) that gathers producers and connect them with affiliates. I prefer the second option for many reasons which I explained in the guide “Affiliate Marketing Strategies“.

Like many other online opportunities, affiliate marketing has its own traps and the way things are done, and affiliate programs differ in their nature. So, there is a lot of space to make mistakes which can cost you enthusiasm, if you are a beginner, or can cost you some profit if you are already active with this marketing method. Either way, it is wise to acknowledge common mistakes that are made and avoid them. Let's examine those most common mistakes.


Affiliate Mistakes – No. 1 - Choosing the wrong affiliate program

Affiliate programs are programs/platforms that create partnerships between business owners (producers and service providers) and online entrepreneurs that promote their products and services. This partnership helps business owners to increase their sales, and it also helps online entrepreneurs to generate extra income.

Affiliate programs are a good way to make money online if you don’t have your own product, so you promote and sell other peoples’ products for commission over the internet, no matter if those products are physical or digital. The decision is on you which program you want to join and which kind of products/services you want to promote. This should be related to your area of expertise.

The question is - what is the right affiliate program for you? You shouldn’t rush and pick up first program you stumble on. Take your time and do some research. Carefully choose affiliate program you want to join. Not all affiliate programs have good reputation and quality products on offer. Furthermore, not all affiliate programs are legitimate.

In the process of evaluation, please consider following -

- Look for experiences of people that use that affiliate program
- Check out websites that are known for scam seeking and reporting, and check there if certain affiliate program is listed and why
- Read all of the rules, terms, restrictions, and guidelines associated with that affiliate program before signing up
- Consider the commission they give you for sale before signing up

There are scammers who are using affiliate programs as fronts for their scams. You need to be sure that you join legitimate, well-known affiliate program. You need to protect yourself. Read more in “Affiliate Marketing Strategies“ guide, section "Be Aware of Scams". I use the ShareAsale affiliate program for a long time now. I recommend this company.


Affiliate Mistakes – No. 2 - Choosing the wrong product

Many people are eager to start earning with affiliate marketing, and they don’t do much of the research on which product will fit them best to promote, so they end up choosing the wrong product. They choose the product that affiliate platform says is the best without considering their niche market, their audience, and themselves. The product they choose might be in demand, but not appealing to their audience.

Take some time and do some research. Your starting point should be how you feel about the product. Choose a product in which you are truly interested in, a product that appeals to you. Then do some research on the popularity of that product and how the product will appeal to your audience.

Of course, product or service you are willing to promote should be directly related to your niche, and people will have interest to look at your offers. That’s the reason why your audience is visiting your website/blog. On the other hand, promoting a product that you are passionate about and knowledgeable is easier than promoting one that you don’t know much about, just for the sake of the profit.

To have success in affiliate marketing, you need to choose the right products for your website/blog and to promote them right way. Many new affiliate marketers fail to earn money from affiliate marketing because they choose the wrong products to promote.

Besides, the product you choose to promote will reflect on your business and your reputation as an online marketer. This is why it is very important that you take the time and thoroughly examine, at least, few affiliate products first. When you find one that you can stand behind, promote that product.

For more, in detail, information on product selection, please visit “Choose the Best Affiliate Product for Your Website/Blog” section of “Affiliate Marketing Strategies“ guide.


Affiliate Mistakes – No. 3 - Joining too many affiliate programs.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, affiliate programs are relatively easy to join. So, many people get tempted to join multiple programs thinking that they will multiply earnings. Well, it is nothing wrong to be part of many affiliate programs, but that is not advisable for beginners.

Joining multiple programs will prevent you from fully concentrating on each one of them. Your attempts to promote each of them equally and with the same level of quality will fail. Here is why. The maximum potential that you can achieve with each of those affiliate programs will not be realized and your potential income will be crippled.

When you are starting with affiliate marketing, the best thing to do is to join just one program and put your best efforts in product analysis and presentation. Get to know the product well and promote it enthusiastically. This is the only way that you do quality promotion and get good results.

When the time comes that you see reasonable profit coming from your promotions, then might be a good time to join another affiliate program, or move to another product or service. There is no need to rush things, especially not with affiliate marketing. Do it carefully, but surely, step by step.


Affiliate Mistakes – No. 4 - Not Being Familiar with the Product or Service

The main task of an affiliate is to promote a product and/or service to prospects in order to make a sale. To achieve this effectively, you need to be able to present the product thoroughly to convince prospects to buy it. So, it is obvious that you need to be familiar with the product. Don’t promote a product that you don’t know, or even worse, a product or service that you don’t like.

If you are not able to purchase the product, then do research. Browse the Internet and collect all the information and users’ comments (very important). Start with original producer of the product.

It matters a lot which product or service you choose to promote and on what medium you are doing promotion. I promote some hosting companies, because I use their services. I also promote keyword research software, auto-responder providers, etc. because I use their software or services.

I encourage you to write reviews and guidelines on how to use a product or service, so that people have all the necessary information they need to make a decision to buy it or not. When you are in this process of choosing and promoting product(s), think first about benefits to your audience. Never recommend products that you, personally, are not satisfied or familiar with, no matter how high affiliate commission is. Think about your reputation and credibility.

For more information, please visit “The Best Tip for Affiliate Marketing” post.


Affiliate Mistakes – No. 5 - Not Cloaking Your Affiliate Links

The affiliate link is a URL that affiliates get from the producer or merchant, which links from whatever promotional medium affiliate uses to merchant/producer’s sales page. That link is unique for each individual affiliate and is used to point people to the producer’s web page.

There are many reasons to cloak your affiliate links. The reasons are –

1) They look more friendly
2) They prevent affiliate link swapping - It can reduce commission hijacking
3) They will save you a LOT of time in the future
4) They avoid search ranking penalties
5) They avoid problems with social media
6) They trick ad blockers

In this post, I will not describe those reasons because I already described them in “6 Good Reasons to Cloak Affiliate Links” post. Please visit that post to read about how to mask your affiliate links and why you have to do that.


Affiliate Mistakes – No. 6 – Not Writing Product Reviews

Product or service reviews and guidelines are very important part of affiliate marketing. I mentioned that earlier in this post. There are many reasons for that, but one of those reasons is that the potential buyer is already aware of the product or service and is ready to buy it. So, he or she is just browsing around to get more prove that they made right decision to buy it.

If you, as an affiliate, don’t have an review of the product or service, or you don’t have any guidelines how to use that product or service you will miss the opportunity to sell and make profit for yourself.

When you write a product or service review be comprehensive and include all information that is relevant – good and bad. I explained it all, in detail in “How to Write a Product Review” post.


Affiliate Mistakes – No. 7 – Flooding Sidebars, Content and Newsletters with Ads

When we talk about promotion of an affiliate product or service, one of the biggest mistakes that an affiliate can do is to flood his/her website/blog or email/newsletter with banners and ads.

I, personally, will call this a crime against common sense and insult of intelligence.

Just look at it personally. I don’t know about you, but when I go to some supermarket, and when they flood me with their nonsense ads and promotions, I feel that my intelligence is insulted. Why I feel like that? First of all, I know what I need, and I know why I come there. If you are hitting me with ads, and pushing me to look at something that I am not interested in, you are a very bad marketer, or you are a spammer.

Yes, I used the right word, spammer. If you want me to buy something that I don’t want, and you pursue me with that narrative, you are a spammer.

So, be moderate when you promote. Don’t be pushy. Present what you are promoting and leave space to the potential buyer to decide.



Many affiliate marketers make these mistakes, and they are not happy with the results they are achieving. So, my advice to you is to try to avoid making the same mistakes.

Time and patience is the key. Take the time to analyze options and make your affiliate marketing strategy and check if you are in the right track. You need a proper marketing plan and strategy, and test it both constantly until you arrive at the solution that works best for you. Test all your approaches that you offer to the audience.

With affiliate marketing you need to be persistent, consistent and patient.

Of course, there are many other things that affect affiliate marketing and your performance, and I talk about it in my other posts. Please browse this website to learn more.


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How to Write a Product Review

How to Write a Product Review

Affiliate programs are programs that create partnerships between business owners and online entrepreneurs. This helps business owners to increase their sales, but they also help online entrepreneurs to generate extra income. If you are an affiliate, or you want to become one, I suggest that you write a product review of all products or services that you promote.

To earn money with affiliate programs, you need to be able to sell a product or services. Consumers are today very well aware of internet scams and they are not so eager to buy a product or service from somebody they know little about, and they are also suspicious when it comes to new products.

If you are established online entrepreneur, it is much easier for you to sell new products and services to your existing base of buyers, and it is much easier for you to convince prospects to buy a new product or service, because people most likely already heard about you.

If you are beginner in affiliate marketing, then you are in a much tougher situation. You need to put a lot more effort in promotion to convince prospects to buy a product or service.

There are many ways to convince prospects that product or service in question is of good quality and valuable, but here I will talk about two best ways to do that. Those are a) test the product, and b) write a product review.

The testing of the products is a great way to ensure that you are promoting a quality and valuable product. Besides that, you are having a chance to familiarize yourself with the product. You should do that prior to promotion and sale. The other step is to write a product review. In this post we will talk about that.

Most affiliates do not write a product reviews. They see that as a waste of time. Well, my experience says totally different story. Writing affiliate program product or service reviews are the best use of my time as an affiliate.

In short, product and service reviews give prospects an idea on what they are purchasing. Those reviews have to be written from a consumer point of view to be justified and useful, and it will give them insight into a product, including all useful data from any aspect. As they are written from a consumer point of view, the prospects will develop a closer relationship with you, and in a way, a sense of trust was initiated.

Besides, today, more and more consumers read product or service reviews before they make a decision to purchase it. I can bet that you read reviews dozens of times before you made the purchases.


Test the Product

In order to provide accurate information to your prospects and to ensure that your review is reliable, make sure to conduct as much research and testing as possible before you start writing.

During the research, review all documentation provided by the producer or service provider. Only in depth knowledge of the product or service will enable you to write a reliable review.

Beware of publicity material released by producer or marketers. Readers can easily recognize the publicity material and will quit reading. They are looking for real-life experience and observations of people with product or service in question.

The best option is that you already use the product yourself. This way you already have in depth knowledge of the product or service, and you know exactly what the pros and cons are.


Write a Product Review

When writing a product or service review, as I stated earlier, write it from a consumer point of view. Using this approach, you will make sure that the review is actually useful to those who read them – consumers. Things that you should include in a review:

- An overview of the product or service,
- Technical characteristics,
- Product features,
- The main benefits,
- Pros and cons,
- Price and benefits of buying it,
- Guarantee period,
- Delivery time, and
- Technical support

The pros and cons section is a feature of every good review. No matter how good the product or service looks at first, there are always some cons. Your job, as the reviewer, is to bring them up and present them.

Just think from your perspective and all will come to you. If you want to know more about some product or service, and you are doing your research on the internet, what you would like to read about the product or service in question?

When it comes to the format in which you will present your review, it’s up to you, just don’t forget to include following:

- Product description (from above)
- Image and Video (if available)
- Users’ experiences (if available)

After you finish writing your review, it is time to display it. You can display your review on many platforms, but first place where to display it is on your website or blog. Also, you should consider displaying it on social media networks, forums, top article directories, etc. Also, you can include your review in the newsletter as a part of the promotion campaign. Once your product review is in circulation, results will follow.


What is the purpose of a review?

It is important to say, do not mistake reviews for sales or promotional messages. With review, you are assessing the product or service and presenting your findings to people. In review, you are not promoting the product and you do not call them on action. Just present the facts.

A review is not meant to be a tool of direct sale. The purpose of a review is to present the product or a service in an unbiased way, so that readers can get a clear view and inform themselves. So, let’s see why people read product reviews. I know that you will find yourself in points listed below. The most common reasons, stated by many survey companies, why people read product or service reviews are to find out:

- The overall product features,
- The main benefits to them,
- The pros and cons,
- Support after the sale,
- Other people’s experience with product, and
- If the price is acceptable and benefits of the product are worth buying


Summary – First of all, you are advised to take a consumer point of view when you write a product review. Writing those reviews create a positive perception of you, your entrepreneurial venture, and the affiliate products or services that you are promoting in the eyes of your prospects.

However, either you are already a member of an affiliate program or you are planning to join one, writing product and service reviews will help you in your promotion and sales effort.

Always write a review of the product or a service in an unbiased way. That will strengthen your position as an honest source of information.


For more information on affiliate marketing and affiliate programs, you can visit “Affiliate Marketing Strategies” guide.

Affiliate Marketing Courses


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The Best Tip for Affiliate Marketing

The Best Tip for Affiliate Marketing

When we talk about affiliate marketing, many debates on what would be the best tip to give to people. I would say - promote and sell products that you believe in. That would be my best tip for affiliate marketing.

One of the mistakes beginners in affiliate marketing make is choosing to sell a product that they don’t know much about, don’t fully understand, and, obviously, don’t believe in. They may be making money, but they also may be creating a bad name for themselves. You need to know the product and fully stand behind the product to be successful with affiliate marketing. Why is that so, we will talk in this post.

Let’s start with the question – how can I know the quality of the product, the value of the information product contains, or how can I get familiarized with the product. It’s simple – try out the product.

The best thing to do is to promote and sell products that you already use and you are satisfied with them. If you are satisfied, most likely your customers will be satisfied too. For example, I promote hosting companies, keyword research software, auto responder platforms, etc. I use those services and software and I am satisfied with them, so I just suggest those services and products to my audience. I also write reports and analysis about them. I know exactly how useful those products are, so I know I will not create a bad image of myself for suggesting it to my audience.

If you are not in the situation that you can promote and sell products and services that you use, you need to actually test out or try the products or do some research on those which you want to promote. There are many ways to do that.

Let say, you want to promote an e-book. It is a good thing to do to read the e-book in question. Some merchants may give you the e-book to review for free or they may give you discount on e-book’s price.

If you are at the very beginning and don’t have enough financial resources at your disposal, you can start with research - reports and reviews of other people about the product or service in question. Reading customer reviews, both good and bad, may give you insight into the product or service you want to promote and sell. Even better, it may help you decide whether or not it is a product or service that you want to be associated with.

In another instance, if you want to get involved with affiliate program that promote only retailers, you will earn commission for all sales that your audience make, not just for a particular product. In this case, you should test that affiliate program, and place an order, small one, just to see what happens. With that small order, you will be able to evaluate that particular affiliate program and also that particular retailer that you want to promote and sell his/her products.

More details about this you can read in “Affiliate Marketing Strategies” guide, section “Choose the Best Affiliate Product for Your Website/Blog”.


Again, I want to point it out, the main reason why you should test out the product or service you want to promote is because if you don’t like it, there is a good chance that your audience or customers won’t like it as well.

In a way, you can look at it as providing a service to your audience or customers. By not putting poor quality products or services on promotion and sale, or by informing your audience about it (with a good facts and proves), you are helping them.

Your reputation is another reason why you shouldn’t do business with affiliate programs that sell poor quality products. Even though, you are only recommending the products and services of some producer, and directing your customers to the website where they can buy those, you are still part of the sale and you will be remembered as such. I don’t think that you want to be remembered as online entrepreneur who recommended a product or service that was of poor quality.

More details about this you can read in “Affiliate Marketing Strategies” guide, section “How to Choose Good Affiliate Program?”.


The other point I want to make, related to reputation, is declining in sales over time. Even if you make money with products or services that are not good as they should be, it will not last forever. Sooner or later sales will decrease and you will move to some other products or services. Here is the catch. As you know, customers talk.

If a customer was not satisfied with the product or service that they purchased, they will most likely say that to their family members, friends, etc. They even may write negative reviews and place it on some forum or social networks. In that review, besides product or service, affiliate name will be mentioned most likely. These negative reviews will not just cause others to avoid purchasing the product or service in question, but also might cause others to avoid affiliate’s website as well.

Besides, cheating is never an option. Sooner or later it will bring your business down and destroy your reputation irreparably.

We all have to think long-term, think about our future, in the business sense. One day you may create your own product(s) and sell it online, or you may start online retail store. So, you don’t need negative publicity. Keep your record clean. Money earned on poor quality products seems nice in starting days, but will not do any good for our reputation on a long run.


Summary - Best tip for affiliate marketing - promote and sell products or services that you believe in. If you don’t use them already, test and try out those products or services that you want to promote. If you are at the very beginning, without financial resources, do research, read reports and reviews of other people about the product or service in question.

Promoting affiliate products that you believe in will increase your sales and do great for your reputation and your business on a long run!

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6 Good Reasons to Cloak Affiliate Links

Cloak Affiliate Links

Cloak Affiliate Links. Before we talk about the reasons why to cloak affiliate links, let's clear up what is affiliate link for those who don’t know. The affiliate link is a URL that affiliates get from the producer or merchant, which links from whatever promotional medium affiliate uses to merchant/producer’s sales page. That link is unique for each individual affiliate and is used to point people toward producer’s web page with product(s). By that unique link, tracking software know who sent people and who made sales, on which affiliate get his commission.

There are many reasons to cloak affiliate links. The reasons are –

1) They look more friendly

Instead of putting intimidating and ugly original affiliate link into your page, you can create a friendly looking link.

Original link -

When cloaked looks like –

Both links go to the same URL and with both links you will be recorded in tracking software of the affiliate program. Besides shortening the links make them more memorable and easier to handle.

2) They prevent affiliate link swapping - It can reduce commission hijacking

There are bad people as you know, so some affiliates will strip your ID and replace it with their own affiliate ID. You end up losing your commission. When you cloak your link, they can’t do that.

3) They will save you a LOT of time in the future

In a case, the merchant changes your affiliate link or link get expired, you only have to change it in one place, you don’t need to go over all pages, newsletters, banners, etc. It saves a lot of time. Imagine how frustrating it would be to find and change all those links if you didn’t use a link cloaking plug-in or a cloaking script.

4) They avoid search ranking penalties

Part of the ranking process in Google is based on site popularity – how many sites link directly to your site. Affiliate links are not a good measure of popularity, so with cloaked link you make redirection and avoid this problem.

5) They avoid problems with social media

Many social media sites are not a fan of affiliate links. Use of naked affiliate links on those social media might even result in closing your account there. But when you have cloaked link that point on your website/blog, which redirect it to merchant, the whole problem was avoided.

6) They trick ad blockers

If a visitor on your site uses ad blockers within his/her browser, will not see banners that are coded with naked affiliate links. When you have cloaked link, which is not outgoing, the situation is different.

You can use a redirection script or some plug-in to cloak your affiliate links. All depends on the platform you are using for your blog/website. I use ThirstyAffiliates plug-in on WordPress platform.

There are many affiliate link cloaking and shortening options available out there, but always look for self-hosted option. It is always better to have the whole package integrated into your website for security reasons. You should have complete control over your affiliate links.

I personally don’t trust sites that offer those services, because they are outsiders, so I question the privacy of my links. I guess that everybody can review those links and see how they are doing in terms of conversion. This opens the door for manipulations and theft.

To read more about affiliate marketing please visit “Affiliate Marketing Strategies” section.

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