Bring Traffic with Classified Ads

Bring Traffic with Classified Ads


Internet classified ads can be very effective for generating traffic and for sales. Classified ads on the web give people instant access to the producer or service provider, so they can instantly review the product or service. They reach people all over the world simultaneously, and they are a great way to advertise online.

If you manage to find a way to place a classified ad to an online portal with a decent amount of audience, you will gain a lot. Your classified ad will point people to your website/blog, so you will get a significant increase in traffic. Therefore, your subscriber base will grow, and your sales will increase. Naturally, the larger audience portal has, the better the response will be.

Classified ads may be sold or be free of charge. This form of advertising is typically associated with newspapers, but the online version of it has far more power because it reaches a vast audience in no time.


Classified Ads - How to Write Effective Classified AdsHow to Write Effective Classified Ads

There are some basic guidelines of online marketing that should be followed in order to succeed with classified Ads. When an ad is placed, it won’t have a lot of time to capture someone's attention so it must be crafted well. Besides, out there is also fierce competition for audience attention, so make sure that you always follow those basic rules (guidelines) to give your classified ads chance of being noticed.


Classified Ads - HeadlineWrite Creative Headlines

Headlines are very important for many reasons, not just for classified ads, but also for emails, articles, sales letters, sales pages, etc. They are the first thing that readers see. If you don't have a headline that grabs the reader’s attention at first sight, your ad will, most likely, not be noticed.

You should describe what you are promoting in the headline, but you should do it in a way that it provokes the viewer to click onto the link to read more.

Let’s have an example. Instead of the headline “Teak and Mahogany Furniture for Sale“, we can write “Top Business People Furnish Their Offices with Our Teak and Mahogany Furniture!”. Now, formulated like this, you don’ only say that you have teak and mahogany furniture for sale, but also you implied that their business will grow if they buy from you.

So, add a benefit in the headline and describe the product or service the way that will make them want to read the rest of your ad.


Classified Ads - Be BriefBe Brief

Classified ads should be long enough to get your point across and brief enough not to lose the reader's attention. The classified ad is not a sales page, but it can be the introduction to a sales page, so stick to the point and be brief, but, at the same time, send a clear message what you are presenting.

Classified ads can also be used to build audience and to advertise (in a very brief way) some product and/or service which can be sold instantly as an impulse buy. It all depends on the purpose of the ad.

The ad shouldn’t be longer then 100 words, and should contain keywords from your sales page in the text. Use 2 to 3 different fonts (font sizes) to emphasize certain information, and make sure that you use sufficient blank space so that the ad is visually appealing and easy to read.

Also, try to use bulleted lists of benefits of your product or service. It is proven that bulleted lists work very well in classified ads, because the reader can quickly review benefits and decide to buy it or not, or to visit your website/blog for more information or not in a very short amount of time.


Classified Ads - Add Icon or PictureAdd Icon or Picture

The ads have a bigger impact and they are much more noticeable if they contain an icon or picture (even better) next to the headline than when they are without it. Whatever product you are selling, people will want to see that product before they decide to buy or not. Picture of the product that you are selling also generate enthusiasm and excitement for the purchase, so, it's important to have pictures in the ad.

If the website where you are publishing your ad allows you to add icons or pictures, do so.


Classified Ads - Publish Ad OnlinePublish Ad Online

Once, when you figure out what you're going to write and how you're going to write it, in order to attract attention, you need to look for and identify online portals, platforms and featured websites which allow classified ads.

You should look for sites with large audiences, which promote classified ads or which make them easily accessible. It will not be difficult for you to find it because there is a huge number of websites that offer free classified ads. On the other hand, you also have websites that offer classified ads, but they charge for them, like eBay.

Posting classified ads is not a one-time activity - it’s an ongoing process that will take some of your time on, at least, on weekly basis if you want that your ads are visible. If you don’t have a regular schedule to keep posting the ads, they will be repressed by other people posting their classified ads. In this case, eventually, your ads will end up practically invisible.



Classified ads are a significant source of traffic and customers for small businesses and home-based businesses. Whether you are operating locally or globally, or you seek customers from social media or search engines, this type of advertising will bring results. You can do it online and offline, but online approach is much more effective in today's digital world. When people are looking for something today, they go online and search there, even if that’s what they want in their city.

The important thing is, if you run ad regularly, it will build future business for you by making your name (or business name) familiar to people and it will, as strange as it looks, establish your credibility.

All you need is a good headline, well written message and icon or picture of the product. All have to be drafted in a way that catches the eyes of readers and you will get yourself a customer or, at least, a new subscriber (contact).

A badly done headline or poorly written ad text will do no good to you. It’s just a waste of time, and/or money.

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Boost Blog Traffic with Direct Ads

Boost Blog Traffic with Direct Ads

To boost blog traffic with direct ads is very simple. Sponsored or direct ads are one of the many forms of advertisements. For advertisers, they are one of the best methods of getting targeted traffic to blog/website. For web publishers, they are one of the best methods of monetizing their blog/website. Publisher means the person or company who rent/sale ad space on its website.

Your products and services, or products and services you are affiliated with, have to be promoted. You need to place your banners for exposure, but not just for the sake of exposure, but to get a response from visitors, and actually make money.

It is a simple process. It involves buying ad space on other peoples’ websites and putting your banners there. Many call this - banner ads.

You can buy it through the website directly that rent/sale ad space, or you can buy it through well established direct advertisement networks.

Here, I will introduce one of those networks. Inc. (BSA) is one of the most popular companies when it comes to buying ads through a network.

BSA is an online direct advertising network that connects web publishers and advertisers. BSA can be considered one of the best direct advertisement programs on the internet. It helps web publishers sell ad space, and helps advertisers find and purchase guaranteed ad space from the reliable and quality-controlled directory of publishers. With just a 5% acceptance rate into their publisher marketplace, you can rest assured that you are accessing websites with the best digital content and loyal associated audience.

In other words, that is an advertisement marketplace where web publishers can list their sites and advertisers can come and check the stats and directly buy advertisement space. This is a simple concept and a useful solution for bloggers, affiliates and marketers to find the marketplace for buying advertisements.

Generally, BSA works as a middleman between the publishers and the advertisers to process automatically ad buying and selling. Their fee is around 25% for each transaction on the publisher's account. Many other ad networks charge above 30% or 40%.

It’s pretty easy to buy advertisement using BSA. This article will be useful for bloggers and affiliate marketers who are looking to advertise their website, products and services using BSA.


How It Works

Let see the process, how it works. The whole process is simple and well controlled. The publisher (the one that sale ad spaces), goes to BSA and place the offer for ad spaces for its website. That publisher has been checked thoroughly by BSA and if passes rigorous evaluation gets listed as a publisher in the BSA publisher database. As mentioned earlier, only websites with best digital content and high traffic can pass and enter BSA publisher database.

You, as an advertiser, also go to the BSA, search for the best option for you and buy ad spaces. Some publishers offer a fixed pay on a monthly basis for ad space (lets call it sponsorship), while others ask for a certain amount of money for 1000 impressions (in short - impressions are the number of times that the visitor lands on the page where your ad is).

Now, when you make your choice and pay the network, in this case BSA, the network will place your ad banner on the publisher’s website and pay the publisher for this transaction. This is how it works – it’s simple.


BSA ( Market Place

When you get started, you will arrive on a market place page (just click on the picture below to enlarge it).

Boost Blog Traffic with Direct Ads - Market Place

There you can find a lot of websites that offers ad space. They are all categorized and you can do your research and chose the one (or more) that suits you. When you click on a website, you will be directed to their page which contains all traffic information about them in past 30 days, link to their site, and their offer for ad spaces. Click on picture below to enlarge it.

Boost Blog Traffic with Direct Ads - Offer Page

As you can see, the page contains important information that will help you with evaluation of the publisher’s website:

- Place on the website where ad space is located
- Banner size
- Estimated impressions per month
- Availability of ad space
- Price per 30 days, or
- Price per 1000 impressions (1k imps)

Note – If you are just starting out, always choose banners sizes 300x250 and 728x90. Those banner sizes are the best choice. They work well.

Try to get ad space above the fold (if available). The fold is the bottom line on the screen what you can see when you just arrive on the web page. To see below the fold line, you need to scroll down. If you place your ad above the fold, every visitor that lands on the page, will see your banner.

If your banner (ad) is below the fold and the visitor does not browse the page, your banner will not be seen, but it will count as 1 impression because visitor landed on the page where your banner (ad) was placed.


Research before Action

As I said earlier, do research before you pay for ad space. On the page of every publisher’s website you have their link. So go to the site and see for yourself where that ad space is located.

Note – If you can’t find it on their home page, go to their Blog (in main menu) – it is most likely that ad space is located there. Don’t worry, the impressions mentioned in their offer concerns that page where ad space was located.

Also, they do not count impressions from visitors using ad blockers, so you don’t need to worry about that either.


Four Important Elements When You Create Banner

Banner headline and image has to grab attention, body copy should be pre-sell, and call to action should persuade visitors to click the ad.

Design them carefully -

- Headline
- Body copy
- Image
- Call to action

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