4 Things Affiliates Need To Survive Online

4 Things Affiliates Need To Survive Online


Affiliate marketing is full of opportunities if you know what you are doing. Every affiliate marketer is trying to find most profitable niches and most wanted products, so that they profit more. What newcomers think is that they have a magic button that will make a fortune for them overnight. Well, magic button doesn’t exist. Nobody, ever got rich overnight, it is more complicated than that. Every marketing practice needs time to master and it requests hard work and dedication.

There are many techniques and methods that work well for online affiliate marketing. In this post I will talk about 4 marketing tips that will help you survive in the affiliate marketing arena, and also will help you to increase sales. Let’s see those 4 marketing tips.


4 Things Affiliates Need To Survive Online - WebPages1. Use Separate Web Page for Each Product You Promote

When you are promoting products or services on your website/blog, use separate web pages for each unrelated product or service, with unique promotional content. Don’t put them all together on one web page. Of course, groups of products that go as a pack should be presented on one web page.

It is advisable to include product or service review on that page so that visitors can get an initial understanding on what the product or service can do. Also include testimonials from users (your customers) if you can get them. Try to get their photos and their brief introductory information with testimonials. Don’t forget their permission to post that information on your website/blog.

That page, we can call sales page. Now, let’s talk about page that will lead visitors to the sales page. Create a new web page as a post and write an article that highlights all characteristics and uses of the product or service. Don’t make this article too technical like the review, but make it attractive and compelling and include calls to action.

Make sure that your headline attracts readers and make them read more. The headline should provide information about article content as precise as possible. Never make misleading headlines. When readers realize they been tricked, they will leave the page, and there goes your reputation and chance to make a sale.


4 Things Affiliates Need To Survive Online - Free Report2. Offer Free Reports To Your Audience

Create report related to the products and services you are promoting and offer it for free when people want to subscribe to your mailing list. Use these reports as a free gift. A free report will bring you more subscribers than usual. Place free report cover photo in opt-in form, so that people can see it.

Opt-in form should be placed in left or right sidebar before screen fold line, so that simply cannot be missed. Fold line is an imaginary line on the bottom of the screen below which visitor can’t see the content without scrolling. Opt-in form should be on a very visible place, where visitors can see it without scrolling. To see an example, just look at the right sidebar (top) on this website.

The free report is an e-book, so please visit “How to Use E-books for Promotion and Marketing” and “How to Prepare E-Book for Business Promotion” posts for more information.

Don’t forget to create a series of emails that promote your product or service and place them on auto-responder, on autopilot. Use a time sequence of sending as you think appropriate for your audience. Please visit “Squeeze Page and Split Testing” for more about opt-in methods and procedures and auto-responder services.

All about email list building you can find in “Email List Building” guide.


4 Things Affiliates Need To Survive Online - Newsletter3. Create Newsletter for Your Audience

If you would like to increase the amount of traffic that your website gets, you should think about introducing a newsletter to your audience. They are a great way to increase website traffic. The main use of a newsletter is to update and inform customers and prospects about news in their market segment (niche) of interest, tips, and new developments in your business. It is a medium of regular communication with your audience.

Start newsletter, on weekly or bi-weekly basis and stay in touch with your audience. Inform them about what's new in their field of interest and what's new in your business.

As stated, the newsletter is an important tool to maintain contact with your audience. Once your visitor leaves your sales page or article page related to that sales page, he or she, most likely, will never return to the same page. So, newsletter with useful information, sent to them at certain intervals, will remind them on the product or service.

Don’t make the newsletter look like sales page. You can include call to action, but be moderate. Please visit “Affiliate Marketing Strategies” guide, “Importance of Newsletter” and “7 Things to Include in Newsletter” articles.

In “Email List Maintenance Methods” guide – section "Main Methods of Email List Maintenance" – I talked about newsletter and e-zine (electronic magazine).


4 Things Affiliates Need To Survive Online - Targeted Traffic4. Get Targeted Traffic

To succeed in sales you need visitors that are interested in products and services that you promote. So, you need targeted traffic, not just any traffic. Many new affiliate marketers confuse targeted (quality) traffic with non targeted traffic, and after while they ask themselves why they don’t have any sale.

The reason is that people who visited their website are not interested in the products or services that they promote. They were collecting traffic on the wrong places.

You need to look for traffic in places where your targeted audience gathers. Whatever technique you use to advertise and promote, go to forums, social network groups, portals and online communities what your targeted audience visit and advertise and promote there. Then you will get a chance to collect quality traffic and achieve sales.


4 Things Affiliates Need To Survive Online - SummarySummary

The methods mentioned in this post are not difficult to achieve. All you need is some time for research, planning your activities and producing the content and promotion material.

Use these methods in your affiliate marketing and you will survive in the arena. All depends on your abilities, patience, determination and the quality of your products and/or services. With all those factors put in place, you can make yourself good source of income.

For more information on affiliate marketing, you can visit “Affiliate Marketing Strategies” guide.


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